Long-term Planning, Master Plans


Passengers, Traffic, Micromobility


Neighborhoods, City Master Plans


Analysis, Dashboards, 

Public Transit

Networks, Lines, Infrastructure, Mass Transit


Data, Geospatial, Live

Street Design

Bus Lanes, Bicycle Lanes, Comprehensive Design


Networks, Infrastructure, Programmes


I have been a transit planner, data analyst, and geospatial analyst for the past very intensive 5 years.

I have successfully worked on and completed hundreds of projects and tasks in the field and I’d be happy to share my experience in order to improve transit and cities for people anywhere. It is truly a calling!

So far my work was primarily in Israel but I am fluent in English, have worked with international teams and will happily work in anywhere with meaningful work to do.


Portfolio is under construction

Please check back soon to see a variety of interesting projects, analyses, and dashboards

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Project 1

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Project 2

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Project 3

In order to improve transportation, you need to live it, breathe it, flow through places and feel the movement with your feet